1 article how many sites we can submit in SEO.?

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Mani SEO:
1 article should be submitted to 1 article site. However u can submit it to others but most of the high PR article sites do not allow to post duplicate content.
Google Panda is an update that gives penalty to duplicate contents on the web. All your articles are being indexed by the search engines. Every content passes into the algorithm that checks for any duplicity. Generally speaking, every article should be unique, said by seoexpertpage.com SEO expert.
Mani SEO,you can spinner article to submit other site
1 article you can submit on 1 article directory site. If you post that article more than 1 article directory site, it will be consider as a duplicate content. Some article directory sites can’t accept duplicate articles.
You can submit one article on one website. If you publish same article on other website, it will be considered as duplicate content.
1 article – 1 website
NO, you can't submit same article on other websites. One article at one time only. Otherwise there will be duplicate content issue and moreove there are few sites also which never accept duplicate content.
It would be good if we submit one article in one site not to make any duplicacy
i article should be submitted to only one site, more than that if will be duplicity of the article so prefer to have only on one site.
Mani SEO:
After Approve we can submit other website ?????

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