45K a year no dependents what should I claim to have the least amount of taxes taken from my check?

Other answer:

You're asking the wrong question.

I mean, sure, you can simply fill out your i-9 and write down '9' for your exemptions and pretty much you'll have $0 withheld in taxes from your check, but come April 15th, you'll still owe taxes AND you'll probably face a fine for having TOO much withheld.

The other extreme – getting a large rebate – isn't good either because that means you basically gave the government an interest-free loan.

SO, the ideal situation is you have just enough withheld from each check such that by the time April 15th comes around, you neither owe, nor are owed, any money.

If you are unmarried, don't own a house, have no dependents, and no other sources of income, then just claim 2 deductions (1 for you, 1 for being 'head of household.') Then in April, you won't get a refund, but you won't owe any additional money either.

David and Stephanie:
If you are single with no dependents the general rule is 2 allowances will get you very close to breaking even. If you get a refund it will be small, which means you didn't loan very much money to the IRS. If you owe, it should be small amount that you can easily afford to pay.

You could probably be okay with 3 allowances but you will for sure owe and it could end up being a few hundred bucks.

I would not do 4 or more and would not claim exempt.

If you are married you need to check the worksheet and possibly use the online tool if your spouse works.

Pascal the Gambler:
The higher the number you claim, the less they take out. Claim about 40 to have them withhold the least, which would be none. You'd then owe at tax time.
poor Pooh, the I-9 has absolutely NOTHING to do with how your claim your allowances, that form is the W-4! and poor James doesn't realize by doing as he suggests he very well would have a penalty to pay on the taxes he owes
and if you are single, single 2 is adequate if are single without dependents
At least one if not two. I would go with two. The fewer you claim the more they take out, but going over 3 might cause some Red Flags to go up.
Wayne Z:
If you claim "2", you should come close to breaking even at tax time.
you can always write "exempt" or put like 5 exemptions. Just make sure you have $$$ when april 15 rolls around.
2. You might end up with a small refund, or owing a little.

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