A company employee fraudulently used my visa card…..she tried buying a computer with my card, can I do anything about this?

Charges were reversed, computer was not sent out, what can I do? I have called this company 5 or 6 times, emailed the company 3 or 4 times, no call back nor email, what recourse do I have,I did call the bank, cancel my cardwhat would you do? Thank You

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Atsa me Atsa you?:
Called WHAT company 5 or 6 times and how do you know who did it? You report fraudulent use to your credit card lender, have them cancel that card and send you a new one.
You must report the crime to the police and press charges. If you don't, she will get another job in the field, and do it to someone else.

If you are trying to get paperwork trail, call the bank the account is at and ask them how to get that.

You must fire her, of course – and change the locks and passwords if she had keys or passwords. Be sure that if she has/had keys, you schedule a lock change the same day you fire her, and get the alarm password codes reset, plus all the company online accounts passwords changed.

you are not being charged for the purchase of a computer than was never shipped, you have notified your bank and cancelled the card
you only next move is get a new card, make sure she never has any access to it and stay as far away from her as you can
I assume you have absolute proof of who it was, right? unless you can prove your allegations there is nothing you can do
1 Cancel your card
2 report it to the police
How do you know who used your card?

Yes, you have been the victim of a crime. If someone steals your car, but then returns it the next day with no damage done, it's not as if no crime has been committed against you.

You can contact the police. However, you'd better get your story straight, because there's something else going on.

You contact your credit card provider. Credit cards have all sorts of protection built in. That's all you need to do.
Trivial One:
If you reported it to the credit card company and they reversed the charges, there is nothing for you to do. Because the charges were reversed, you have no loss: the credit card company is legally the victim, not you. It is up to them if they want to pursue legal action. If it will make you feel better, you could try to file a police report (which may not even be taken), but nothing will happen because you are not the victim, even though you feel like one.
cancel your card then file a police report but most of the time nothing will happen
file a police report
Casey Y:
You can call the police and file a fraud report…

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