A friend asked me a question that I actually wasn't sure of… Can someone see your credit score by doing a background check on you?

Other answer:

Only if you sign a form allowing them to do so. I believe you're referring to the online background checks that people can do on anyone. You must give permission in order for someone to see your credit. But if you're talking about for a job and what not, you will sign a form allowing them to do that.
The Oracle of Omigod:
Yes, but the person who is doing the checking has to have a valid reason for doing so and permission from you (for instance a potential landlord). And they have to be carefully checked by the credit scoring company.
Not exactly. If they can do a background check, then they can see your credit score, but it's not by doing the background check.
no a background check does not show you a credit score
Love big words:
creditors can. employers can. landlords can.

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