A store ran my credit card as a return so they paid me. They request I pay them. Can they do anything to me if I don t?

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When you receive money or goods that you were not supposed to and do not give it back, you can be charged with "unjust enrichment". That would include the credit you received plus the cost of whatever you received.
if the store gave the money which they normally do not do, but also ran the refund thru your credit card, you do owe the duplication, you should never have been paid the cash
The Oracle of Omigod:
Yes. They gave you money in error and they have requested a reversal. If you keep it, you have taken money that is not yours.
Ghost Of Christmas Past:
They can sue you for the full amount you owe plus costs and damages.
Pork-chop of Doom:
They will sue you & win, and you will be required to pay back the money, PLUS pay your lawyer, PLUS pay their lawyer!


I imagine they will take you to court and destroy your credit rating.
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