Already so many fast food shops are well going in main areas, if i will start the same area its possible to get a good response?

Other answer:

Yes. You have to have an angle. If all the fast foods are fried chicken and burgers…you would do well with a pizza shop or an egg roll shop. If everything is barbecue and meats…then you will do well if you open a salad and smoothie shop or a bakery.

You will need to advertise. You will need to make people think you are new and different.

And the food will have to taste good.

Before you start, write a business plan. If you do not know how, you can buy one on fiverr.

Make certain that you, or the person you hire can cook!

Yes when people head out for lunch they know where the shops are and may only decide when they pull in so having several on the same place gets them hungry in front of your store. Some of us read the window signs to see what special offers there are or go to a place with a value menu.
initially if your shop is unique and not a carbon copy of what is already there
but your success will depend on how well your products will appeal to the masses
Not alot to go on here but, you sound like you're not up to the task of competing with other business people.
Yeah, but you'd do better with a laundromat. All those people working in all those food places…lots of dirty uniforms, tablecloths…you would…excuse me…clean up.

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