Am I paying too much rent?

I make around 4k to 5k a week depending how much I work at the hospital. I pay 1.5k for a apartment that has 3 rooms and 2 bathrooms, etc. It's only me and my daughter. My family members say i'm paying way too much for only us two.
lol I made a mistake it's 4k to 5k a month

Best Answer:

Landlord2005: In many areas that is cheap for a 3 bed room. It really depends on location. You can afford it so why does it matter what they think?

Other answer:

so you make about 20k/month? you can certainly afford 1500 rent…..

if you mean you make an average 4500/month…you can still afford 1500..but should spend as little as possible to save more for the future/emergencies

No idea. Rent is entirely set on where you live in the world.
$1500. per month rent is not expensive.
You're making plenty, why can't you live comfortably? Why is your family in your business so much?
B00ty Warrior:
well you have to think of the variables… the location, the year the apartment was built, and what the apparent comes with and also the utilities you have to pay…
Elaine M:
How can you not live on $20,000 a month?

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