Am I safe to lie about this?

> Dont give a bs answer because you want things in life to be pure or you're a manager and dont want anyone to lie to you.. be honest! <

If I lie on my resume and say I was a student treasurer at my school that shut down will I be safe?

Other answer:

Those kinds of things on a resume are not terribly important and are never checked. However, to a company who is looking at your resume, such things can be indicators of ambition, leadership qualities, and personality. If you don't actually have such qualities, and they hire you, it''ll soon be clear that you are not the kind of person you said you are.
whether you were or were not a student treasurer it will not matter in an iota when you are applying for a job, any job, this is not experience that has anything to do with work experience
it is never a good idea to lie on an application for a job
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I don't see what the purpose of this would actually be. I wouldn't even consider that experience to be valid at any job, anyway. You're better off leaving it off from the resume and off from your conscience.
Nobody will ever know. Chances are they won't even question it. Resumes usually get read in like 5 seconds unless something catches the eye. Don't sweat it
I probably wouldn't bother to check that – because I wouldn't be impressed by it either, so you'd be lying for nothing, no gain
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