Am I Suppose to do Something After Purchasing from Amazon?

After my order arrives?

Other answer:

Amazon likes feedback, to ensure customer satisfaction, and to help promote products & services that they provide. Customer feedback takes a little time, but personally, I'd rather use the product for some time, verify it suites my needs, works for a long time, before providing feedback – that would seem logical, but Amazon mainly wants their service end feedback, more timely, soon after delivery.

You have no requirement ot do anything more, after your product arrives, other than use it, give it as a gift, etc.

Chris P:
Assuming that your order arrived correctly and wasn't damaged or faulty – no.

You may get an email asking for your feedback on the product – but you don't have to do that if you don't want to.

Nope, unless you to leave a review of the product — how you like it, or don't like it.
Open it and enjoy.

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