Am thinking about opening a recruitment agency and want to know, where do i start off and also some help and advice to start it off Thanks?

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I know a corporate recruiter. It would never occur to him to ask these questions. Because he knows what he's doing, you see.
You start with a Business Plan and it will fall into place from there
You need to identify all your costs, competitors, staffing, fixtures and fittings, marketing costs, etc
first of all you need to find out what companies are looking for employees and the need for a recruiter in the first place
if there is no need, there is no job for you
What are you recruiting for? Once you know that, the rest falls in to place.
Start with a simple business plan and financial projections to understand whether the business is viable.
Skoda John:
Depending on your location you may need a license.
Yiu then need to find clients with positions to fill.
This is the hard bit.
what are you recruiting for? once you know that, the rest falls in to place…

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