America, wealthiest country in the world, and it doesn't have decent healthcare for all its' citizens, ain't that sad?

Now, The ACA is about to be taken away and God knows Republicans don't have anything to replace it with.

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No, it is sad that the USA does not give free health care to all Mexicans (here and in Mexico). Now seriously: health care is not a right, and no country can keep all of its citizens alive as long as possible, no matter the cost. But if costs were reasonable. more people could be self-insured, and would be more health conscious. {In the past the uninsured would pay list price while insurance companies would only pay half, and sometimes only 25% of list.}
EDIT: Obama made self-pay even less of an option by upping how much one had to spend before putting dollar one on the schedule A. {I remember when all medical expenses went on the Schedule A and a taxpayer could get a tax break.}
Well I agree that we have the crappiest healthcare system on the planet. The ACA is not much of a solution and it caused my rates to almost double while covering half as much so I don't mind seeing it go away. As for the Republicans and their plan to replace it, you are correct. We simply have a two party system in a constant power struggle and other than declaring victory and trying to maintain power, do nothing to solve any problems.
We have the best healthcare in the world. You just don't pay for it through your taxes like many other places. You either pay for it out of pocket or through insurance.
Well one big problem, WE CANT AFFORD IT. Not just the people who are paying for it but the Government. Obama had to BORROW from Our Education Fund to pay for it. Government needs to get out of the Healthcare Business. Its awesome if you dont have to pay for it?? We've ALWAYS had Medicaid. All it did is make Insurance companies charge more and made OBAMA filthy RICH.
Republicans have many bills in the pipeline, it is just a matter of choosing the right one. The original ACA is a republican bill from the Heritage think tank. The U.S. has plenty of health care but insurance companies control the cost. Thats the problem. Greed.
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I've always paid for my own healthcare. Why can't you?
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