Any appraiser recommendations in Miami?

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tauares: You might want to find the local board and check there.

Other answer:

If you need an appraisal for a loan you can't choose your own, the mortgage company has to choose.
This is not yelp or the yellow pages nor is it a referral site. This is an international site. Slim to nil chance people from all over the world would have that location specific of information.
If you're selling just get a couple Realtors to give you a CMA – Competetive Market Analysis. It won't cost you anything. If you're buying your lender will arrange for the appraisal and neither your or your lender can request a specific appraiser.
Steve D:
Are you looking for an appraiser because you are buying or to get a feel for the market. If you are buying, check with your lender first – there is no law that states a lender must accept an appraisal from someone they do not recommend (you could end up paying twice). Check with your loan officer – they usually have a good feel for which appraisers will come in with a high enough appraisal.

If you are selling, get market appraisals from three real estate agents – they will have a better feel for what the market will bear. Assume that the middle appraisal will be the most accurate (some agents over-appraise to get your business and some under-appraise to get a quick sale). Then let the buyer pay for the appraisal.


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