Any good jobs that I could do at home.?

I'm not able to drive to a job at the moment so needed a way to make a little money at home to help with thingsany good ideas just say belowthank you allno rude comments please:) and I'm 18 if age matters.

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Thousands have posted similar questions and usually answers point out
there are no online jobs for the inexperienced. If there were why would
many commute to minimum paying jobs when they could work from home?
Yes it matters. You can't sign a contract for on line work before you are 18.

Ok – Have you read the book called working from home using your computer and your brain? If not can you borrow it from someone or is there a library near you?

And – if you have a computer and you can do things like graphic design or edit writing or write content you can work on Fiverr.

Watch out for on line work scams. If they ask for you to pay them money to work…it is a scam.

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