Any good paying jobs where you dont need experience with just highschool diploma?

Im trying to search for a more suitable job. Retail isnt working out and i need to move out of my mothers home to live on my own already.

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Diana M:
No. Except in very rare cases. An actor does not require anything more than a high school diploma, although a higher education would certainly help. A singer would not need anything more, if the singer is really talented. If you are 6'8" tall, driven and the star of a big basketball team, you could be hired by a big league. I somehow doubt you would fall into any of those categories. Most uneducated people are facing a minimum wage job and, of course, we all know that those jobs are not good paying jobs. If you want a good paying job, you have to "earn" it. Get educated and work toward a skill or degree that will pay for itself and give you a better life.
Andy L:
Jobs are based on skills, credentials, ability to interview, flexibility in moving to where jobs are.

80% of the people have a high school diploma. It only has value in relation to not having one.
There are trade schools and two year programs to get skills and credentials, such as nursing, technicians, assistants in various fields.

If you can get a waitress job earning gratuities, work to their schedule with a great attitude and effort to what the job takes, many earn a decent living, but the field is competitive like all fields.

Minimum wage unskilled jobs are disappearing over time, replaced by automation and computers. When you state "retail isn't working out" you indicate you had a job and lost it for some reason. That's a bad sign.

You can check the Department of Labor and its Occupation finder

The question is always about your skills and abilities and attitude.

if you want a career change / boost, consider the US military. as long as you are a citizen, legally out of trouble with no past trouble, limited to no medical history, you should be qualified to join. you also need at least a high school degree. or a GED and 15 college credits. some branches you can enlist as high as 39.

the military offers jobs in IT, healthcare, business, logistics, vehicle maintenance, intel, security, and others. more than just combat and infantry jobs.

you get paid training, experience for four to six years, and potential leadership training if you advance to Sergeant and higher.

enlisting in active duty is a full time job. you work 40, 60, sometimes 80 hours / week. you work days, mids, swings, nights, weekends, and holidays. you maybe stateside, or overseas.

depending on the job you do, how well you do it, the experience and further training you earn, you could find a similar job back in the civilian world when your service is done. plenty of companies are veteran friendly. and plenty will take years of proven training and experience over just a college degree and no work experience. plus, if you need a college degree to advance within a company, you can use the GI Bill to help pay for higher education. either within your field you trained in the military with, or a new degree entirely that's in demand.

see a recruiter for more info. be honest in your interview. any lie (no matter what the recruiters say) and if you get in, is a felony, and will get you kicked out. and send to prison. i'd see one from each branch, it's not a commitment to see a recruiter for info, and make that clear. then make your decision.

Here is a job where you don't need a college degree. Aircraft Cargo Handling Supervisor .. The starting salary is $46,840.00 per year. Go to all the airports and fill out applications and get hired. Just let them see you to make sure you are not a security risk. If you have any DUIs or any arrest record, forget it. They want responsible hard working people who can also get along with others in a team environment.

Good luck. And remember, there are MANY other lines of work under this same category. Find out what they are and apply there too. Here is one description of the requirements of this job. Motivating, developing, and directing people as they work. Selecting and using training and instructional methods and procedures appropriate for the situation when learning or teaching new things,.

I suggest getting a government job. Many people in government jobs start out with lowly positions and are able to work themselves up to good-paying positions. State jobs pay better than city/county. With federal employment you can transfer for available promotions to anywhere in the country and you pay into the same retirement program.

Some people make a career out of the military.

not in 2016, 2017, pal. one needs a skill learned in a trade school or at least an AA degree. Robots are doing the manufacturing jobs for the ost part. And the robots are guided by people with computer knowledge.
If qualified, enlist into the military. Get paid, learn a trade, get life / work experience, free health care, global travel potential, and "escape" current circumstance to write the next dynamic, new chapter in your life.
There are plenty of jobs.

But, there is no such thing as a "good paying" job. ALL jobs are minimum wage. Particularly for those who fit the description in your question.

if you are looking for anything other than entry level it means you have some skills that are needed
this might mean you need to take additional education to get those skills but high school will only prepare you for entry level jobs

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