Any life advice? I want to be wealthy one day. I know I am different, I jsut don't know where to begin.?

I don't know what my buisness idea should be, or if I should even start one. I am a musician and play 5 instruments and I am in 3 bands. But I am also an engineer trainee working at a manufacturing company, where I am part of the engineering branch, but I do CNC machining from time to time also. And I am going

I don't know what my buisness idea should be, or if I should even start one. I am a musician and play 5 instruments and I am in 3 bands. But I am also an engineer trainee working at a manufacturing company, where I am part of the engineering branch, but I do CNC machining from time to time also. And I am going to school but I don't enjoy it really. But I go because if something backfires at least I have a degree. Also, I love to buy and sell things. I sold 5 cars last year and made good money. I'm 19 years old and I know I am different. I have a lot of talents and I am a quick learner. I want to be wealthy one day to be able to exercise ALL of my talents and not have to stick to ONE to make a living. I'm just stuck, I don't know what to do & I feel like I am wasting time.

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Francisco Miranda:
You sound to me like you are on your way.
at 19 you are overanxious, you have a whole lot going for you and all you need to do is be smart about using your talents and money
you kind of sound like the son of my pastor, altho we have no idea of what his net worth is, we know he is well to do
he was quite brilliant in math even in high school, he married another math whiz and they together formed a company dealing with computers and eventually sold it for a nice profit, all the while they operated it making money
he currently is into venture capital and there is no letting up in his success
my pastor one time mentioned his son bought a case of some kind of wine, kind of unusual, he didn't pay big money for it but kept it and eventually made good money profit, he seems to have the 'golden touch'
plug along, you are fine
Casey Y:
You know you are "different…" You are not unique, you are one of many. You are an individual though and can live your life accordingly.

Anyway, get that degree. Then, figure out what kind of business interests you. You wont get rich as a CNC tech, but you will make good money.

Dances with Cats:
It's difficult to give you advice without knowing you better. You laid out a lot of stuff and it's something to work with.

If anything, you should find out as much as you can about running a business. Most people are clueless. Check out forms of corporations – Limited Liability Corporations and such. Most people hear the word "corporation" and think of Microsoft and other huge "mega-corps" but there are far more "mom and pop" corporations with only a few employees. The corporate structure serves to protect your personal assets if you get sued or go bankrupt, among other things. It's not hard to incorporate.

When young people think about starting a business, they forget things like making a business plan, insurance, startup capital (loans) and other "boring" stuff. You need to learn about that.

Contact the Small Business Administration and other organizations which help people starting small businesses. Find an account or accounting firm which specializes in businesses. Have a consultation.

Find a thing or service that people need. Make it or provide the service. To be extremely successful you need to either do it better, faster or cheaper than everyone else, or combination thereof.

You seem to be able to write well. That's a plus. May young people can't and that will really bite you in the rear end in the business world. A loan officer isn't going to think you are very smart if you don't know the difference between to, too and two.

Avoid starting a family until you get your business established. Don't vote for Democrats either. Yes, I just said that. It may seem like a political statement is inappropriate here but it really isn't. You don't need to love Donald Trump or even like him but Leftists are not at all good for people who want to run a small (or large) business. They are slowly going farther left and that way leads to Socialism, and eventually Communism. They will tax and regulate you to death. They will keep jacking up the minimum wage until you will be required to pay people to sweep the floor the same wage as people who are skilled (like running a CNC lathe), highly trained and experienced. This has nothing to do with racism, misogyny, xenophobia or all the other things that Lestists accuse non-leftists of being. We just want to be able to run a business and make an honest living. We don't want to be communists drones working for the state.

I like to see young people like you who actually want to do something besides play video games and do not think that the world owes them a living. All the best of luck but I don't think you need it. You have ambition – an asset which is growing rare.

Dave B.:
Making a lot of money is half of being wealthy. The other half is being smart with that money. Unfortunately, that typically means living as though you aren't wealthy.

Bet on the fastest horse. Your job at the manufacturing company puts money in your hand, consistently. I don't know what "engineer trainee" entails, but if it is in fact training you to be an engineer, then it's hard to find a sweeter deal than that. Engineering is a very lucrative field, and it allows you to exercise your skills in critical thinking and innovation, AND allows you to do some satisfying work with your hands. There's nothing like evaluating a problem yourself, and ending up with a tangible object built by you which solves that problem. That's not all that engineering is, but that is almost always an aspect of it.

Reselling can be profitable, but there is a LOT of competition. Getting the capital and the infrastructure together to compete with established companies is a daunting proposition. If I'm being honest, that will probably never turn into a reliable source of income, and the effort you spend there would likely be more fruitful if applied elsewhere.

Music is a tricky one. It is either no way in hell going to pay the bills, or it's going to make you wildly rich. There's really not much in between. Unfortunately, hundreds of thousands of people have the same idea, and at the end of the day your odds of being a wealthy musician are worse than if you had just played the lottery.

Nobody says you can't be involved in more than one trade. If your goal is to be wealthy, though, then you need to be honest with yourself and put your efforts toward the thing that is both lucrative and dependable.

Manage the money that you make carefully. Sock it away into mutual funds in such large amounts that people question your mental health. Live like a pauper for now, and you'll eventually be able to retire like a king.

Investment planning is a whole other topic, and I'll leave you to Google that on your own.


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