Anyone else mad at themselves for not saving their money?

I could have enough for a car, but instead over the years I have waisted my money on pointless and frivolous things There is now a car I want and I cannot afford it and I WISH I WOULD HAVE JUST SAVED What do I do and how do I stop being so mad at myself?

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Why don't you save now? I don't know if your talking about a wasteful part time job or a real job but for a part time job don't waste your time saving from a part time job, It will take so, so, so long lmao I just got a part time job so I can get head phones and so I can say I got experience than I'm out lol I left now. But for a real job you use money on the house mortgage, electricity, water, bill, food etc and spending money for yourself. If you had enough money for the car you wanted but you used that money on other things, you can get that money again then buy the car.

Like i'm gonna get a sports scar later on in life cause I want to.

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Turn your anger into action. Come up with a savings plan that will allow you to save the money you would need for a down payment on the car you want.
Kathy S:
Hindsight is better than foresight.
That being said, you're a big kid now, you can change your ways. No point in worrying about the past, but you can work on the future.
start saving now

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