Are HSA accounts worth it? I can only contribute $1300 as a single person and it won't drop my taxes into another tax bracket?

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But it'll save you paying any tax on the amount you do put in. On 1300 the ;average taxpayer would save $1950. You obviously don't understand tax brackets.
For the right people, HSA's are worth it. If all you need is insurance against really catastrophic illness and you are willing to pay for lesser costs given the tax deduction, then it seems like a good deal to me.
yes they are; if you are in the 30% tax bracket, it takes $1.30 before tax to pay for $1.00 of medical service that the HSA would cover; with the HSA it takes $1.00 to pay for $1.00 of medical service that the HSA would cover. It is like a 30% pay raise for medical services the HSA covers.
Pork-chop of Doom:
It may not "drop you into a lower tax bracket", but it WILL drop your Adjusted Gross Income by $1,300…..thus reducing your Income Tax liability by at least $325!

Isn't that "worth it"? If $325 really means nothing to you, then send it to me!

Max Hoopla:
It won't change your bracket but the amount you deposit is taxed at zero percent.
it might but it won't amount to a huge difference in your tax bill

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