Are you required to have employees in California if you have a small business?

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You will have at least one employee – yourself. As such, there are certain rules you must follow for your small business, which you can get from your local chamber of commerce, Better Business Bureau or small business association (dept of the federal government). It is usually worth the effort to file for a State Employer ID and a Federal Employer ID, in case you do find that you need some help running the shop, in order to run errands, see a doctor, pick up supplies, etc and still mind the store, make sales, etc. If your spouse assists you with operations, from time to time, they should be considered employees, even if they don't receive pay.
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Why would this be a requirement, anywhere? I'm in Canada. Why would I have to hire anyone in California? This literally makes no sense.
of course not, it could be a one man business operation
It is not required, if you do not need one.
The answer is no.

Now, what would make this even be a question in your head?

Elaine M:
If you need them, then get them. Nobody is REQUIRED to have them, though.

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