As a new landlord, renters want a lease of two years. But I want the flexibility to move back in a year.?

Can I sign a two year lease but put in a clause saying I can terminate the lease if I decide to move back in a year? Will the clause be enforceable?

Other answer:

You do what YOU want to do; not what your renters want. If they don't like a one year lease they can look for another place to live. You get to find new tenants and when the one year lease is up you can increase the rent if you wish.

If I were a LL I sure wouldn't give anyone two year leases; I would want to be free to increase the rent if need be or to get rid of an undesirable tenant when the lease is up. If you want the option of moving back into the place in a year then you would be foolish to agree to a two year lease. I doubt very much that you can slip into the lease that you have, at any time, the option of displacing them simply because you've decided to move back in anymore than they have the option to move out before the term of the lease is up.

As a landlord you should be up on the laws of your state and if you aren't then you should be engaging the services of an attorney who is and can advise you. It seems you need that.

R P:
You need to google the landlord/tenant laws for your state and read them. If you are going to be a successful landlord, you need to know the laws. Otherwise you could find yourself in legal trouble down the road. You might also consider talking to a CPA to find out what the tax implications will be if you move back into the house.

If I were in your shoes, I wouldn't offer a two year lease at all. I would only offer a one year lease.

No, you cannot do that. If you give them a 2 year lease, they have a 2 year lease. Why would you allow any tenant to manipulate you? You have a backbone. Exercise it. Tell them the lease is for ONE year and you have the option to renew it. If they don't like it, tough. It is YOUR place – you set the rules. They can choose to rent for one year or they can walk away and you can find a tenant who is not an abusive b*tch who tries to tell you what to do.
if you are not willing to give the a two year lease, they don't rent your place
if you are so undecided on what you plan to do, having a two year lease will make that decision for you
You need to offer a 1 yr contract and if they do not wish to accept that look for another tenant
You can put the clause in, but to make in enforceable there needs to be "consideration" meaning that if you trigger the clause you have to give them something…two months rent, $2000 for moving expenses.. something.
SSP Bowl Dude:
Then only offer a one year lease.
No. You would only agree to rent to tenants for a year.
you need to check with a lawyer on that… could spend a year fighting it out in court.

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