As this sorry inept man named Obama, gets ready to depart. Here is another feather for his cap. 18,750 workers lose jobs.?

Sears shuts down 150 outlets. So much
for the amazing Obama economy.

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Not A Hillary or Obama fan: The misfortunes of Sears and others can be blamed on internet shopping. Besides a car or a refrigerator, just about anything can be bound over the internet.

Sears didn't see this coming, Amazon did!!!!

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Not A Hillary or Obama fan:
The only thing you should be sorry about is your inept narrative that you're attempting to make a gotcha question about lol you're pretty pathetic, and as you're learning already from most of the common sense answers. Glad I could help.
Trump gets credit for all the jobs being created these days, and Obama gets blamed for all the losses…

The economy is doing just fine. Sears, on the other hand, is an outdated brand that has been losing money, and is trying to stay relevant. Or maybe they know that the coming trade wars and recession under Trump are going to kill retail, so they are doing this preemptively under Trump.

Did you ever think it might be the fault of Sears? I went there the other day and couldn't find anyone to wait on me. I won't be back soon.

Or maybe it's the fault of Walmart taking all of Sears and kmart's business. But I don't see how you can blame Obama.

Yeah 4.7% unemployment and 75 months of positive job growth must suck.

Sears is shutting down because it's sells generic crap poorly to an increasingly shrinking demographic. That's the failure of bad management and market positioning, not Obama.

Tough Ombres:
Bush's Fault…
closing Sears, Macy's, and Kochs has nothing to do with Obama, the buying public is simply changing its parameters and it probably won't be too far in the future to see all the big major stores in elaborate shopping malls gone entirely, looks like there is hope again for the little, local business person again when e shopping also fails to satisfy
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Sears' problems were the fault of their management not keeping up with the times. If you are personally facing financial hardship, it is your own fault, not the government's.
We gained more than 150,000 non-government jobs in December.

Try to keep up.