Bank wire transfer?

Hi i saw a gold chain online that i like. It's in a shop in new york. However it cost $14,000. My question is would the bank make it a big deal if i wire transfer these funds to this jewelry store??? as in will they ask many questions etc

Best Answer:

bimmers: They have to report any transaction over $10,000 in America.

Find out the weight and the carat of the necklace. Then ask your local jewelry store if they can get it for you and at what price. That way, you'll find out if it's a fair price or not.

So, the jewelry store in New York would say it's 350 grams of gold and it's 14 k gold, or something like that. Then you would show a picture of it to the store locally and ask if they can get it.

That way, if it is a fair price, you still save on shipping and insurance, and if you're dealing with a local store, you can see it in person before you buy it and feel it in your hands and see if you like it. And with a local store, if it breaks or it's not what they said it was, you can get your money back. With an online store, they might not deal with your complaint, or it may not be what it was in the picture, or they might take your money and disappear.

Other answer:

No, no big deal. They have to report the transfer, but that shouldn't cause you any problems. If you're concerned, call your bank.
I can't imagine a chain costing that much. But you can wire as much as you like, as long as you have the funds to cover it.
You can wire any amount, but make sure you arent getting scammed because wiring money means you will never get it back.
Banks will be notified, yes. Will they ask questions? Maybe.

You really can't find a tacky gold chain where you live?


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