Best way to learn the SEO?

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himesh: You can learn SEO From youtube and different journal like search engine land and search engine journal and google it as there are many website like backlinko.

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I believe the best way to learn SEO is thorough research, group discussions, marketing meetings, brain storming sessions etc. Also, SEO is something which requires analytical mindset, creativity, lots of common sense, innovation, accuracy, persistent effort etc.
anyone can learn it – from a newbie. from books try looking on amazon theres loads and also some website have good info on how to get optimized i recommend the site I left in source below this helped me am also ranking in alexa now and am new to seo
You can buy some ebooks that learn seo ( secrets seo )
Learning is not about to know, actually it's about to have practical knowledge and the best way to gather knowledge of an individual thing is YouTube which is really good along with it you can go through different online tutorial which would also help.
Their are many seo blogs you can have a look
such as: MOZ bog,quick sprout blog and banklinko
online videos .

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