Bros, when sec of state Exxon price gauges America with $4 gal / 180$ barrel oil. Won't this enrich problematic oil exporting states like?

Russia (hey!), Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Venezuela, Sudan, etc?

Other answer:

With President Obama's Cash for Clunker's Program, we GREATLY reduced our dependence on foreign oil and Americans bought fuel efficient cars. No longer did we need the $4 a gallon crap and we came to be delighted with the less than $2 a gallon gas.
With every tank of gas we bought, Americans had that much MORE MONEY to put in their pockets and use to buy American goods and services….we thrive!

But not now…..not now…..Trump's new Sec of State will MAKE SURE that we PAY MORE and Big Gas makes more profit off of us….we're doomed again…..Republicans in office and America suffers.

Not as much as it will produce 10s of 1000s of high paying jobs in the US oil and gas production industry. BTW, you have to be pretty ignorant to think that one person can affect the world wide price of a commodity like oil.
Godless Gazoo:
Almost can't happen now because at 50 bucks a barrel we start fracking it out of the oil shale here.

So we have a built in stop-gap when the oil gets short.

Yes but they are all his friends!
Yes, the oil industry shares profits with the 'terrorist' governments in the Middle East who Conservatives hate so much and also Islamic extremists selling oil themselves.
Larry C:
With conversion of coal to oil, using 1929 technology that has been field proven, the U. S. will be energy independent for 300 years, so we set our own prices.
Did you go to school and learn about supply and demand ? I thought liberals wanted to gouge people with carbon taxes high gas prices

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