Buying A Gas Station?

So im considering buying a gas station, bu t there are emplyees working there already, so if I buy it, I can fire them right, I dont want to go through a lengthy process.

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Gohan Son:
you are buying the gas station not the employees, they are not property or assets
in some cases the employees are aware that if the station is sold they are likely out of a job
if you want to keep them you need to let them know in advance of the sale that you intend to keep them if they choose to stay
Jay P:
That depends on the laws that exist in your state/province/territory, and/or country.

Gas stations exist worldwide but the laws governing them and their employees differ…

You are buying a business, not its employees.

Is it your intention to work 100 hours a week ?

If you buy an active business there may well by a requirement to keep the existing staff.
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Love big words:
Maybe you need genuine guidance here. The buy/sell process is more complicated.
hopefully you have other employee's to take their place. will need a lawyer to do the paperwork any way ask him/her

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