Can a caahiers check bounce if it has been deemed valid and in the system of the actual bank it was issued at?

I have a cashiers check and i called the banks actual number and they said the check was real but can it bounce and come back on me if i cash it?

Other answer:

Yes, because all a cashier's check does is verify that – at the time of obtaining the check – there were sufficient funds in the account.

A money order is more secure in that it's guaranteed. Cashier's checks are not. They're more of a crossover between personal checks and money orders.

Lou C. Ferr:
A cashiers check is issued by the bank. Unless the bank goes under it won't bounce.

I don't know what you're trying to do with it, but it should be deposited.

Cashier's checks never bounce, that's one of the reasons to use them for certain types of transactions.
If it bounces, it will come back to the person who wrote the check, not on you.

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