Can a company add something to someone's credit report without having their social security number?

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StephenWeinstein: Yes. They can do it using your name and address. Which is a major problem for anyone who lives with someone else who has the same name (typically because a child was named for its parent), because stuff will go onto the wrong credit report.

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Sure can – the credit bureau will match the report with an address, an employer, a former employer, drivers license number, other records, etc. Technically speaking, your Social Security number is not a personal identifier and the SSA states as such on their web site.
Equality 7-2521:
Nothing with regard to your credit score. But the credit bureaus scan all sorts of information so they can "enhance" your credit report. They will add things like former addresses and employers if they can find them. This all comes from public records.
Dan B:
Sure, it's done all the time and that's how errors creep in. If the information can reasonably be attached to your credit file, it gets entered. Name, address, birth date, current debts and other info might be used to attach that debt to your file.
not all information will have SSN's , the person's name may be the same as someone else and can be erroneously added to the credit report it does not even belong to
They sure can.
Beverly S:

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