Can a company hold me against the non compete I signed 3+ years ago if I open my own business?

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if it is in the same field of work as your job, in the same area, absolutely. have you even read the document? what does 3 years have to do with anything? if you have worked for them the entire time from then until now, the agreement is in full force and probably for a period of time AFTER you leave the company
Not all states recognize a prior employer's ability to deprive you of a living in your chosen profession, simply because you may have had access to their trade secrets and signed (perhaps superfluous) documents agreeing to keep them confidential and not for competition.
Cathi K:
We cant see your contract. You need to read it and see. Many non competes are 3-5 yrs.
They can if you are competing against them. That is exactly the purpose of non compete clauses
Ask local adults for actual info locally as it varies greatly depending on what industry, where you live.
that will depend on what you signed and for what term of years
Linda R:
Only if you 'take' your current customers with you.

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