Can a company tax you for work preformed before filling out a w9?

I worked for a company for a year before they asked me to fill out a W9 , I was under the impression I was working under the table and the company hit me with a W9 right before tax time , I don't have the money saved up to pay taxes from the whole year

Other answer:

Confusion as to taxes & terms.
Employers withdraw money from paychecks for taxes: Medicare, social security, state, local & federal income taxes. Independent contractor, are responsible to pay taxes & to pay quarterly estimated taxes. You should have had a discussion at the time you started to clarify whether you were employee or independent contractor. One look at your payments & check stubs showed there was no withholding.
A W-4 should be filled out at the start of employment; a W-9 for independent contractors. By 1/31, employees should get a w-2; contractors a 1099-misc. Some companies treat employees as independent contractors when they're not–to avoid paying their required half of Medicare & SS. Did you control when, where & how you did work for them, or did they? You can file with the IRS to have them determine this, but may lose the work in meantime.
See a tax professional for your taxes. Figure out expenses against this income, reducing your taxable income & tax.
Andy L:
A W-9 is a request for your Social Security number for tax purposes for a 1099 as an independent contractor.
The question is whether you qualified as an independent contractor or an employee. Such arrangements are made at the beginning typically. You are required to report the income, regardless of what the employer does, but at $600 for a tax year, they are required to send you and the IRS a 1099 form reporting the amount.

"Under the table" means illegal and defrauding the government. Of course you can be taxed, with or without the W-9, or charged with tax evasion for not paying social security and medicare and income taxes.

Whether you spent all the money is not the government's concern until you don't pay them.

The answer to your question is: Yes, of course.

The company is not taxing you. The company will send you a tax document showing the money you earned. You must report this on your tax return.

In any case, you will pay income tax on the money you earned. You will also have to pay Social Security and Medicare tax. If you are an employee, you pay 7.65% for SS and Medicare and your employer pays 7.65%. You would receive Form W-2 from your employer.

If you are not an employee but an independent contractor, you pay both the employer and employee parts of SS and Medicare. You would receive Form 1099MISC from the company.

If you were an employee and the company did not pay its share of SS and Medicare, you can attach form SS-8 to your tax return and pay only 7.65% for SS and Medicare. If the IRS agrees that you are an employee, the IRS will collect SS and Medicare tax from the employer. If the IRS does not agree you are an employee, you will owe additional tax for SS and Medicare.

Well too bad for your negligence. Why would you assume that they were going to pay you illegally? That would make you guilty of accepting work illegally. You should have been saving enough throughout the year to pay your taxes. Budget and eat beans and rice for a month or it looks like you will have to make a partial payment and pay the balance in installments. It would be preferable to pay what you owe at once and get it out of the way but, if you can't, then what are you going to do. Send in a partial check and ask them if you can pay in installments. You could tell them that you assumed you were going to be paid under the table if it will make you feel better but, they will want what you owe regardless.
Pascal the Gambler:
You owed the taxes on that income whether they did the W9 and issued a 1099 or not. You were always obligated to pay the taxes, saving was always on you, and the fact that they are doing it now makes no difference at all.
Just out of curiosity, when you received your paycheck, did they provide you with a pay stub? If so, did your pay stub give any indication that at the very least, that they were deducting Federal Income Taxes, FICA Taxes and Medicare Taxes from you salary before issuing a check to cover your take home pay?
and what did you think the money that you received before they asked for a W-9, free money? not a chance, anything you made was your responsibility to pay tax on meaning your own self employment tax
you have until April 17 to get the money together, the extra days will be due to the local holiday in DC and the 15th falling on a Sat. or Sun
The company doesn't tax you, the government does, by law, and it's not different whether or not you EVER fill out a W-9, you owe tax on all of your earnings.
The company is not taxing you, they are withholding taxes that they legally are obliged to. It's rare not to do it each week, but not unheard of. Either way, you'd be responsible for paying the taxes to Uncle Sam.

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