Can a hospital hospital annex be constructed between two residences in a residential area?

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Raghavendra S: If the hospital is to be built, the construction company would be required to apply and be issued a building permit.

In the issuance of the building permit the city would make sure the area is zoned in order for this construction to take place.

If the area is not properly zoned, the construction company would be required to request the property be rezoned in order to build what they propose.

A construction company would not build in an area where they would not be able to obtain a building permit.

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Other answer:

Raghavendra S:
No structure could be erected on the property in between the two residences.
Two individual property deeds and city building codes would not permit it.
How about actually asking local educated adults for actual info locally instead of wasting time effort for nothing..
Ur parents can explain the reality and why locally
It would depend on the zoning laws and if the property in question could be re-zoned for that purpose.
Only if the area is zoned for that.

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