Can a marriage be happy but also academically and career successful?

It seems like to me that you would have to sacrifice one of the 3 to make the other 2 work. Either happiness, intelligence, or wealth would have to go to make room for the other two. Or you could have all 3 but in extreme moderation and you can't throw kids in the mix.

Other answer:

Hello, can a marriage be happy but also academically and career successful? Yes,in fact one has a much better chance of being successful in academics and career if married vs.unmarried. That written, I am wondering why you ask, are you contemplating marriage?
Living the Dream:
Sure, you can have all three. It's like Mr Interesting said – it comes down to the right partner and compromise.

"Happy" is in the eye of the beholder. Even when it felt like the work was burning down around us, my husband and I have been happy, because we have love and support from each other. So yup, check that box.

"Intelligence" is something you either have or you don't. Some people are dumb as a box of rocks and all the studying in the world isn't going to change that. There are highly intelligent people who have no interest in continuing their education or knowledge growth. I feel like you meant academic achievements. I recently got my master's degree, while working full-time. So yup, check that box.

"Wealth" is also in the eye of the beholder. While it'd be cool to be a millionaire, as long as we're bringing in enough to have a roof over our heads, health insurance if we get hurt or sick, food in our bellies, enough to pay the bills, and some extra to go out and have fun from time to time, that's wealthy enough for me. I'm not driving a Benz, but I'm as wealthy as I need to be. So yup, check that box too.

Swimming in it:
I know at least a handful of very successful well wed happy couples with kids in middle school/high school who seem delighted with each other as well as the lives they've carved. Excel at their careers and all of it. I think it's a marvel but it is entirely possible.
real estate guy:
happiness is what you make of your life. You can be dumb or smart, poor or rich and still be happy or unhappy.

Intelligence is defined as: The ability to acquire, understand, and use knowledge". A person should always be learning. It can be through school or self education.

If wealth is important to both parties, then it can be worked into a great relationship.

As my father told me, when you work, work hard. When you play, play hard.

Mr. Interesting:

You CAN have it all, but the very first step is to have the right partner, that shares the same goals and values. Miss step one and the house of cards cannot be built.

Life, including marriage and everything else, is one endless compromise. If the person you are working with cannot compromise as well, you are not going to succeed.

It's called planning. You can have all 3, but not all at once. Choose one and finish it, then add the other 2.
Yes it can, UV. What makes you think the three are mutually exclusive?
intelligence is the ability to have happiness and wealth

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