Can a mother charge her 16 year old daughter rent?

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Legally, no. When a parent decides to raise a child, that parent assumes responsibility for providing for that child until the child is an adult. If the adults in a family are doing everything they can to provide for their family and they still need financial assistance, I would say it should be ok for them to ask their children with income to assist with family expenses, however I also think it should be also ok for the children to decline. Any money contributed by a child should be considered a gift, not a responsibility. Because it IS a gift. And as with all gifts, it should be given voluntarily. And received graciously. Our kids don't owe us for raising them. Having and raising them was OUR decision. And thus OUR responsibility.
A mother can ask for what money she wants from the daughter. But the daughter is not legally bound to pay anything

But if the daughter has left education and is working, then it is not wrong to ask her for a small sum each week to contribute towards her living expenses

You might ask your daughter to contribute to he welfare. There are a couple of considerations you might consider in asking your daughter to pay rent.

Your question sort of indicate you might charge your daughter rent or you would have her leave the house.

You might want to consider the education of your daughter and her and how this paying of rent would affect this potential job she would require to have in paying rent.

If demonstrating financial responsibility to your daughter, there might be a reward and demerit system you might consider using in her getting good and poor grades in school.

I used this system that was beneficial in my children excelling in school and attending college.

for what reason would you want to charge your daughter rent. If failing to pay this rent, you are not legally able to evict her from your house,as you have responsibility for her welfare until she reach the age of majority in your state.

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It is not uncommon for teenagers to help support their family. It may not stand up in court but it would also be very difficult for a child to take it to court. It better be a lot of money before the child complains. My grand mother was required by her parents to quit school in 8th grade to work full time and 100% of that salary went to help the family.
Parents can ask for financial contributions from minor children. That's not illegal.

But when you say 'charge rent', that implies that not paying rent will get one evicted. A parent cannot 'evict' a minor child.

Even if your daughter have a job, it’s illegal to charge her rent. Wait till she will be 18 years old.
if she is trying to teach her how to manage her money, something toward rent would be one way to do it but the parent is responsible to provide for a 16 yr old child
So long as she is working…

To be honest, when we got a job in our family, no matter how young, we had to pay lodge.
We still got all our meals etc as usual but we had to contribute a percentage of our wage. It's not such a bad idea, it taught me the responsibly of money and that I wasn't going to have a free ride in life.


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