Can a person with POA sign the deed for that person home?

Other answer:

The POA must be a "specific power of attorney" listing the exact thing the poa is allowed to do and the property address etc. It can't be done with a general poa.
A POA allows the person to do only things in the interest of the other person. For example, they could sell the home if the money was needed for nursing home care for the owner, but not sell it and pocket the money.
Depends what type of POA, and what things the POA authorises

and you are legally liable for justifying the actions as being in the persons interest

If the POA grants those specific powers, yes. But in many cases you would be asked why the person that granted the POA can't sign themselves.
Politically Correct:
Hard to know what you mean by 'sign the deed'. A deed is evidence of ownership, it is not something that is signed. Perhaps you mean sign a house purchase or sale?
No one can ever sign a deed for another person.
yes, but if you are giving away that home, that will be suspicious as you need to use the person's resources appropriately solely for their benefit

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