Can a temporary manager,who s not on the company payroll do your probabtiob review/?

Can a temporary freelance interim manager,who is not on the Company's payroll, carry out your probation review/

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rachel s:
Sure. If the company's management is comfortable with it, they could bring in a hobo to do your review. It would be straight out of Dilbert but, there's no legislation around performance reviews.
Dan B:
Yes. They have all the duties and responsibilities of an 'on-payroll' manager.
Steve D:
In the U.S., there is no legal reason why this situation cannot occur. There is no requirement to even do an evaluation, never mind who does it. If the company wants a temp manager to do the evaluation, they can do so.
R P:
Of course! Anyone can do your performance review.
Forty Licks:
In one word YES
rachel s:
RP,please could you eleaborate

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