Can being fluent in a different language boost your marketability?

My Grandmother thinks just because I can speak German I will have an edge when it comes to getting a job.

Best Answer:

Elaine M: It can. If you need it in your job field, being bilingual is a huge asset (though right now it's Spanish or Chinese that are the top two).

And if you DON'T need it in your chosen job field it still lets a prospective employer know that you are capable of learning something most people don't take the time to learn. Knowing more than one language is a plus.

Other answer:

Elaine M:
not if where you are going to work has nothing to do with German people
there probably was a time, long ago, that being able to speak German in predominately German neighborhoods was a given but that probably no longer exists
being able to speak Spanish where I am, southern Calif. if in some cases required, especially medical, banking and schools
It depends on the field and your location. In the US, German wouldn't be much of a boost but Spanish would be. In Europe, it might be the opposite.
The Oracle of Omigod:
Slightly, but it greatly depends on the language. Americans who can speak Chinese are going to be very valuable in 20 years.
Robert S:
Only at a german restaurant.
It could definitely help.
Big Mouth: