Can I build company credit with 1099?

I work for a company that pays me 1099. I want to start a business corp. I know to start a company corp, you need to get paid W9. But is there a way that I can grow my company credit with 1099?

Best Answer:

Ding: While you have proof of self-employment income, and nothing stops you from incorporating, if you hope to apply for credit in the name of the business, be advised that the bank will want you to personally guarantee any debt.

Other answer:

you can form a company and use the 1099 as proof of income. A W-9 form is not needed to pay you. You complete a W-9 once you have your EIN and company formed. You give a W-9 to companies that you are doing business with.
You need to educate yourself about starting a business since it is apparent that you know nothing about corporations and how they are formed and run. Find a SBA office or SCORE chapter in your area. There's a lot of information on their websites as well.
Library card can explain reality of self employment to u hopefully

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