Can I buy p*rn without my parents finding out?

I received a pre-paid visa card, and I was wondering if I were to use that just to buy the 2-day trial, would it somehow trace back to me, or is there any history kept on the card that says what you buy?
I know that porn is typically free, but for two dollars it seems like a good idea to be able to watch better ones

Other answer:

Well if anybody did a follow up on your computer it would show up

But why buy it when it is shown for free

Just make sure you have a good firewall because even paid sights are loaded with viruses and Trojan horses

Wait…what am i reading? Do you guys buy p*orn?
And of course you will have a free magazine that they will post to your home address. You know, since u were a good customer.
Why don't you just ask your parents if you can buy some porn or borrow some of theirs?
sure do it

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