Can I cancel my private health insurance by the end of the month?

I can't afford it. I am not entitled to a subsidy, so I think I'd rather just take the risk & not have it. It's no good anyway. How much of a fine will I have to pay? I know for sure it will most likely be less than what I would have to pay out monthly for my premium.

Other answer:

Assuming you're talking about Obamacare. The penalty is 2.5% times your income or $2,085 – whichever is HIGHER. Oftentimes, it's more money than the insurance would be.
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THE HIGHER of $695 or 2.5% of your income. But, a $100k hospital bill would scare me more than the fine.
Nana Lamb:
my son said he would rather not have the insurance as to pay the premiums for nothing covered! So since he was laid off he won't have any taxes to pay either for the last year. Not sure what the fine for either of those is!!
Beverly S:
The fine is 2.5% of your income. Yes you can cancel any time.
The fine is 2% of your gross income

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