Can I co sign for an apt for granddaughter if I'm retired and only income is social security?

I'm asking if it is possible to co sign for an apt for daughter I I'm retired.

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The REAL question should be "Can I afford to pay her rent until the end of her lease or someone else rents the unit if she reneges on the rent" or "Can I afford to have the bad credit rating which would result if she is evicted for non-payment of rent?" If the answer to either question is no, then you shouldn't co-sign.

Your granddaughter needs to be able to get an apartment without a co-signer. Until she can do that, she shouldn't be moving into an apartment. Her share of the rent shouldn't exceed one-third of her monthly income.

This is probably not a good idea – if your granddaughter is irresponsible, then you're on the hook for that. Co-signers take on all legal and financial obligations, and it doesn't sound like you're in a position to do that.
can I co sign for an apt if I'm on social security?
Probably NOT to be honest

If you co-sign you are effectively agreeing to pay her rent each and every month til the end of her lease. Can you afford to pay her rent AND your own bills… on benefits ??

while there are no hard and fast rules re a co-signer, generally they are required to have a job and they are required to enough spare finances each month to cover the extra costs if needs be. Your g/daughter would need to check what co-signer requirements are

Since SS can't be garnished if you refuse to pay when she doesn't, a bank is unlikely to accept you as a co-signor.
there is no law one way or another, it depends on what the landlord will accept
he is looking to rent to reliable people who will pay the rent regularly and timely and not default on a lease
if your granddaughter is a minor he likely won't rent to her regardless of who co signs, if she has no income and will depend on yours, she probably won't get the place
Depends on if they accept you, remember you are signing to say you will pay when she doesn't and that you are prepared to be sued and take on her debt…so if you can't afford to pay 100% of her costs and yours, you are not a good guarantor and so they will not accept you
It is possible for grand parents to sign as co-signers for grandchildren. You may co-sign even if you are retired and your sole income is social security.

Does your granddaughter need you to co-sign because she is not financially able to be approved for the rental unit?

Does your granddaughter need you to co-sign because she has a low or bad credit?

You do know that by co-signing for this apartment with your granddaughter you would be financially required to pay the rent in the event she fail to?

Many times a co-signer would not know of the rent not being paid until they receive in the mail a notice to appear for the eviction trial. For some reason the person that actually reside in the rental fail to inform the co-signer they have not paid the rent for several months.

Since there is no doubt that your granddaughter has failed to pay the rent, this civil conviction would appear on your credit and background check.

Once your granddaughter has been physically evicted from the rental unit, the landlord would then sue you in a different court for the payment of back rent, late penalties and any damage to the rental unit not covered by the deposit.

Since you are a co-signer you would be included in this lawsuit also.

The judge would issue the landlord a judgement of the amount your granddaughter would need to pay. Your name would be listed o this judgement. You would be required to pay this judgement.

This would also appear on your credit background report as another civil conviction.

I understand that you would want to be of assistance to your granddaughter and see that she get a good apartment to rent.

Your granddaughter is not qualified to apply for and be approved for a rental. That is why she need a co-signer.

In the financial situation you are currently in and with your sole income being social security, you might be in a financial situation to adequately be of assistance to your granddaughter in this situation.

I find grand children to be impulse spenders and if they find something they like or is their friends want to do, they normally forgo their financial responsibilities and make the wrong financial decision.

In this case it might be to your advantage to allow your child, their parent to co-sign for them. They are in a better financial position that yourself. They are able to go through paying a judgement than you, as your social security income might not be sufficient enough to withstand a judgement where you are required to pay for a judgement.

You granddaughter should have requested this of her parents not her grandmother who is susceptible to helping her granddaughter, however is on a fixed monthly income.

I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck.


They won't take you on a limited income. If she defaults then you are liable for the rent, and you won't be able to afford it will you?
It depends on how much loan/money you're signing for.

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