Can I deposit my brother s cashier s check into my bank of america business account.?

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carprice b:
Is it from your brother or to your brother?

If it is "to" your brother, why does your brother not have his own bank account, and is the check from a known reputable source? He could endorse the back of it "Pay to the order of" (your name) and then sign it, then you could deposit it to your account. But if it is a possible scam (bogus check), do you really want to get caught up in that?

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Like when he's sleeping?! lol No. You can not. You might be able to deposit it into his account. [if he has one] Then he could write YOU a check.
Alpha Beta:
No, unless he endorses it over to you. Even then, if I were the bank, I would need to see proof or your brother at the teller window.
Pork-chop of Doom:
He can "endorse" it to you in front of a Bank Teller, if you both go to the bank and he signs the back with the Teller as a witness…

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