Can I file taxes and get money back if my dad claims me ?

I live with my dad but I am in college full time I went back to school in October 2016 but before I went back to school in early 2016 I was work and made over 4000 , if I do file taxes to get income taxes will it take away money from his income tax?

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Zilly Jones:
Everyone can file. I'm not sure whether you'll get back any money.
Yes you can file. If there's a number in box 2 on your W-2, that's what they took out for federal – you didn't make enough to owe any tax, so you'll get that back if you file. It won't take anything away from your dd's ewfuns.
yes you didn't make your standard deduction so all income tax withheld should be refunded to you when you file a tax return, a 1040EZ which you can free efile at
Max Hoopla:
You just can't claim your own personal exemption.
If you attended college starting in October 2016, that is less than the five months of attendance required to be a full-time student for tax purposes. If you are over age 18, not a full-time student, and earned over $4,050, your parent cannot claim you even if you lived at home and your parent supported you.

If you earned less than $4,050 and your parent supported you, you are a dependent of your parent.

From your information it appears your father cannot claim you. File and claim yourself. Whether you get a refund depends on many other factors.

it will not affect his income tax. Just remember to indicate that you cab be claimed by someone else. The question is can you be claimed. October-December is only 3 months, so if that is all the time you were in school full time in 2016, you were not a student for the purpose of being a dependent. If you were 19 or older and not a student, then if you earned over $4,050 you can not be claimed. That does affect his taxes whether you file or not.
It appears as if you are able to be claimed as a dependent by your parents on their federal income tax.

You would also be able to file a tax of your own, you must annotate the box that would indicate someone else is claiming you on their taxes.

I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck.


From what you have given us, your dad can not claim you.
Pascal the Gambler:
YOu can still file, you would still get a refund if due one. O effect on his return.

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