Can i file taxes if i only work for 3 months in have no dependents?

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Michelle Crawford:
Yes. Everyone can file taxes. Everyone can file taxes. Even if you never worked a day in your life, you could file taxes. There is no longer anyone alive who cannot file taxes. There used to be one guy who could not file taxes in 1980's, but that was mainly because he had been kidnapped by terrorists in Lebanon who would not let him file.
Pascal the Gambler:
Max Hoopla:
Yes of course you can! Your employer will send you a W-2 form and you file with that.
Yes. a) you must if you made more than the base as established by the IRS; b) you would want to file if you have a refund coming.
Yes. That doesn't mean you'll get any money though.
if you had income tax withheld that you do not owe you would want to to get it refunded to you
B00ty Warrior:
if it was a full time job

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