Can I get a cash refund for a purchase on my credit card?

I bought earphones with a credit card a few days ago and want to return the item for cash , not to my credit card . Is this possible ?

Other answer:

Generally, no. It will go back to your credit card. If you pretend not to have a receipt, you'll usually get store credit for the lowest price the item has sold for, which might be much less than you paid.

The only time I've charged something and received a cash refund is at the grocery store when something didn't ring up right. Customer service has always given me cash in that situation.

Dan B:
That's up to the store policy, but generally, no cash refunds for credit card purchases. What most merchants do is to give refunds in the same manner as the payment was used. Credit/debit reversal for credit/debit purchase, cash refunds for cash purchases, etc.

The reason they don't do cash refunds for credit purchases is that it circumvents the cash advance process that banks use to make $billions off cash advance fees and higher interest rates. I imagine banks prohibit what you want to do for that reason.

legally when you buy something using a credit card "you" dont buy it from the seller- the credit card company does
"you" then buy it from the credit card company
(thats why if something goes wrong with the goods you can sue the credit card company as well as the seller)

So no you wont get cash – you returning it for refund results in the purchase being cancelled with the credit card company
course this assumes they accept your cancellation – legally there are only a few reasons when they MUST cancel, but many shops go beyond those reasons

No. They will always refund it to the card.
People trying to get cash refunds having bought on a card are viewed as scammers.
Companies will only credit your card if purchased using a card
Elaine M:
Nope, if it was on the credit card, they return the credit TO the credit card so there's a record that it was a transaction. That way you can't claim to your credit card company that you didn't get a refund.
It cost them money to accept your credit card (merchant fee), so they would only reverse the credit card charge, or possibly offer you store credit to buy something else with the refund.
Hmm! Credit yes!
Rather depends on the store, but generally no.

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