Can I get a loan with a lower credit score?

I'm fairly new to credit and credit scores so I have a lower score, and I was just wondering if I can get another loan on my own with a lower score? I have one already, and want to get another one for some expenses that just came up.

Other answer:

Hmm. You have a not-so-great credit score and you have a loan already. And you want another loan. If you earn enough then yes, you might be able to get another loan BUT you are showing that you are not managing your finances very well.
Taking out another loan will damage your score even further. Possibly deny
another loan.
since you have to earn before you spend, getting more credit is a waste of time. Ask whomever if you could make monthly payments on those expenses rather than getting another card. Interest is supposed to increase soon and the interest will eat you alive so try to get a job or a second job to pay those expenses.
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Ask local educated adults how loans are acquired locally.
Here you gave no valid info for ONE
The only way to know for sure is to ask. Go to a couple of banks or credit unions and apply.
Beverly S:
Depends on how low. If you've been late probably not.

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