Can I get into trouble for doing this?

In Jan.2016 I let my friend move in and rent a room In the house I myself am renting. It was only supposed to be for a few months. The end of Nov.2016 we had a argument Because During the year he was living in my house he destroyed His room and much more.
So he packed some clothes and he left he said he would

In Jan.2016 I let my friend move in and rent a room In the house I myself am renting. It was only supposed to be for a few months. The end of Nov.2016 we had a argument Because During the year he was living in my house he destroyed His room and much more.
So he packed some clothes and he left he said he would be back to get the rest of his things and he hasn't come back yet. it is Dec.18th now. I call/text all the time to see when he will get his things and 2-3 times a week he'll say "later today" and never shows
I tried again this morning and he said he'll be over. He never showed so I texted again at 5pm, he said he'll be over and I told him "if he wants his stuff he need to bring the rent he owes and since he's treating my house like a storage unit then he will have to pay $100 every month that his stuff is in my house.

Can I get in trouble? Is my question.

Other answer:

No, you won't get into trouble. In fact, you have every right to charge him for storage. $100 a month is totally reasonable. Make sure he pays you in cash – make it clear that cash is the only way you will accept payment. You need to give him an ultimatum as to when he must remove his things. Leaving it open ended gives you no rights, except to charge for storage and that could be problematic. Text him that you are giving him 30 days to arrange to pick up his stuff and that $x amount is owing for storage (to be paid in cash only). Make sure the storage costs cover the rent he owes so that you don't have to sue him for rent owing. If he arranges to pick up his junk, get the cash first. Then, hand over his stuff, in boxes. Don't let him inside where he can cause trouble. If you need a friend to stand by for protection at this time, get one. If he does not pay and pick up his junk within 30 days, then all of his junk belongs to you. Keep what ever portion of it that you want, donate or sell the rest. And, if he later expects to pick it up, tell him he abandoned it so you donated it all. After that, if you have trouble with him, call the police. Keep the texts – print them. If he sues you, you will need proof that you texted him notice of 30 days.
The following link discusses extortion and it might be of interest to you. You can decide if you are walking a fine line attempting to hold his personal property hostage to get money he owes you.…

I am not saying you are committing attempted extortion by holding onto his personal property for unpaid rent but you may well be. So I would be careful.

Regardless, you need to think this out more clearly. You want his stuff out of your house because using your place as a storage facility is bugging you and of course you are already ticked off with the guy and for good reason.

But what is your objective here? It cannot be to get paid rent money he owes you. If it were you would not have been willing to release his stuff earlier. You would have told him, you ll get your stuff when you pay me the money you owe me. You didn t do that.

You are feeling used because he s keeping his suff over at your place. Do yourself a favour and stop stressing yourself out over this. This is really quite minor and not worth getting stressed out over.

If all he did was rent a room from you then he cannot have very much stuff so it should be no big deal to put it in the garage, the basement or in some other room. If he doesn t come to pick it up even months later no big deal. It is out of sight out of mind.

And if you have no place to put his stuff, pack it up and take it to him. Sure it will cost you a little in gas money, maybe even the cost of a rental but wouldn t that be better than letting the guy get to you? This is like looking at a zit that's just waiting to be popped.

You were played and you have a right to be angry but letting him get you all upset like this is giving the jerk a whole lot of power over you. Why would you let him do that to you?

Yes- you may not have permission to have rented a room to him (sub lease). You may also not have the right to keep his stuff. You would need to know what your local and state laws surrounding this and read your lease that you signed and any paperwork you had your friend sign. How valuable is the stuff that he left? I bet not very or he would have wanted it back already.
Send him an email plus a snail mail and a registered letter all saying exactly the same thing. Depending on your state and local laws perhaps it should say- "Come and get your belongings by January 30th or I will donate it all to charity on Feb 1 and send you the receipt."
Gary B:
Yes. You did not follow Due Process.

FIRST, you have to notify home BY LETTER using Registered Mail Signature Required.

In that letter, you have to give him 30 days to pick k up his equipment AND pay his past rent.

If he does not sign for the letter, or doesn't pay his bill, THEN you can sell his stuff for the back rent, but you must give him any money left over

Just say the stuff is yours or hide it or tell him to get it or your throwing it away but yes u can get in some little trouble bc it's not ur house to rent rooms to, it's someone's property but relax, it's not a big deal at all
Different states have different laws on this subject. In mine you can charge for storage as long as its in line with what is charged at a storage facility in your area, but you can't hold the property hostage if the storage fees go unpaid. Also in my state you are only required to keep the personal property 60 days. After that you can keep everything for yourself or toss it in the garbage. Good Luck.
Yes you can. You send him a letter by registered mail stating that if he does not collect his belongings in, say, 14 days, you will charge him a storage fee starting then, or that you will dispose of the items. You cannot charge retroactive fees.
Pack his stuff and set it outside. If he has a key, get the lock changed. Do not
message him again,no matter if he calls. Try to be home in case he breaks in.
Take pics of the damage he has done.
you need to look into local laws re how long you need to store and what you can charge. you also need to be sure the living arrangement has formally been terminated. he likely owed rent for all of december as he would be required to give notice he was leaving (varies by state law)….you may need to give legal notice that tenancy is ending.

you can't hold his stuff to force him to pay rent….that would be illegal

the next time you speak to him about his stuff, tell him if he doesn't get them by a specific date(and document this) they will be disposed of
and if you are apprehensive about him returning if he has a key, change the locks

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