Can I have some stock investing advice?

Other answer:

First, avoid gambling! If you buy stock hoping that you can sell it for a quick profit because of the weekly or monthly swings in price, then you are not investing. You are trying to guess better than the public (including the professionals) how the price will change.

Choose a company that has steady earnings each year instead of losses. If your company has very little long term debt, it will likely not get into financial trouble.
Buy these sturdy stocks and hold on to them. When you hold these stocks over a period of time, the prices will go up for a real reason; the companies are earning money every year and becoming more valuable. This is not gambling; you are owner of a money making business. It takes time for that business to earn money.

If you save a portion of your income each payday and as it accumulates invest in quality stocks, over the course of several years you can grow very wealthy indeed.

Wait for the stock market to crash. In 2009 Dow went from 11,000 to 6,600 in just a few months. When the market rose back up to 7,900 I bought stocks that were in the $1.50 to $10 per share. I saw that before the crash, they were $80 to $90 a share. I bought shares of IDT, a communications company at $1.67. They previously were at $30. That was my best one but others were similar. I was basically gambling on the fact the the stock market would return as it always has. Think about things that are going to be in demand in the future. We've all heard Trumps plans. Build a wall, upgrade our military, infrastructure. Make the US more competitive with China. I just bought stock in US Steel last week. Bet I'm right.
buy high, buy more low… but always be investing… too many people sit waiting for THE moment to invest, and it never comes.

Focus on dividend growers, and invest the dividends.

Focus on buying stocks you think you can hold forever, avoid investments based on fads or stories.

Really look at the financials of the company before investing.


Buy low and sell high is my way

But learn the trade well before you invest. Dont gamble in Stock market

yea, don't get into it without knowing something about it first
since you are asking this question it would appear you don't
I suggest you 'play' at investing in the newspapers of the stock columns, imagine investing and trade as you see the opportunity presented and see how you do before ever putting out any real money
Bipin Kumar TRPL:
Before you begin commercialism yourself I might suggest you open a paper commercialism account (most of the brokers have that offered for free). begin doing all your own analysis. study and take a look at your virtual returns (a few books here). Once you're feeling assured, you observed and you're aware of the market, begin doing it together with your cash. There square measure lots of metrics you would like to observe once finance, it's not almost about returns. Risk management is that the most vital factor, without a doubt. for example, you'll see what's your volatility (return variations), sharp quantitative relation (a quantitative relation that tells you ways smart your returns square measure with the chance you're taking), trailing error (this measures the dispersion you'll have to the market). With solely this three metrics you'll acumen abundant risk you're taking, however, smart you're at choosing your stocks, and the way abundant you're separated from the market returns.
Dont panic and sell at a loss. Stocks gain and fall each day.
Read the book, Hetty Green The Richest Woman In America
Buy low sell high lol sorry bout all I know bout stock
Kp Wkp:
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