Can I invest into stocks without a broker.?

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Bill: You cannot buy/sell stocks without a broker (either it is a person or brokerage firm). Look at this as a regular store. You go to a food store to buy milk, you go to a car Diller to buy a car and you go to a broker to buy/sell stocks.

Yes, if your neighbor has a cow, you may buy milk directly from him, and you may buy car directly from another neighbor. Yet, you cannot buy stocks without a broker. The investment industry is highly regulated. The job of a broker is not just to be a sales person. A broker (brokerage company) has to ensure the farness of the trading.

Other answer:

You can buy/sell securities without the use of a stock broker but in North America you must use a brokerage firm.

All major brokerage firms offer their clients on-line services for security transactions without the services of an individual stock broker.'
Individuals can only access securities markets by using a brokerage firm since this is a SEC rule. Also, in order to clear (settle) the transaction between the buyer and the seller you must use a brokerage firm.

So, yes you can invest without an individual broker but you must use the brokerage firm

Donut Tim:
Yes, you can.
But it is quite troublesome and time consuming.

Using a broker, you can buy or sell your shares of stock in seconds (online or over the phone) instead of months.

No frills but:
Not sure what you mean by a broker. You can go to a web site such as TDAmeritrade or Fidelity and set up an account and buy and sell stock. Technically, they are a broker but you never see or talk to a person. You can't buy and sell stock directly on the stock exchanges without a broker or traders' credentials.

If you mean, do I need a financial advisor to buy and sell stock, the answer is no. An advisor or financial planner such as Edwards Jones is simply a middle man, not a broker. You don't need this kind of middle man unless you actually do need advice and guidance on how and what to buy.

Andy L:
It depends how you want to define "broker" and "invest into stocks"

You need an account of some sort. The ownership is not in certificate form.
For example, you can have an app like Robinhood.
You buy and sell typically without a Person involved.
You have a brokerage account that holds cash and lists stock ownership.
You actually have a broker, but it is a faceless nameless computer entity.

You can buy mutual funds without a broker.
You open an account at a fund manager and trade mutual fund shares which is investing in stocks, but not buying and selling individual equities.

How close are these two to what you ask?

Other countries may have other setups.