Can I lose my Housing Assistance if I go back to school?

I m currently on Housing Assistance and want to go back to school. I noticed in my lease that if you re a current student you could be denied. I don t want to be on HUD forever, I would like to get my degree and move but scared they can evict me for going back.

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No. They're not going to put you out, your rent will probably increase. But make sure you report it asap once enrolled! Remember if your income increase due to school it's going to be included in your monthly income. If you then become over the income limit to reside there you would be removed from program. But lk at it like this if u are removed cause your income increase you're making progress and accomplished being independent from housing assistance. Trust me the system wants u to better yourself and it means that's money state save
The fact that you could be denied your housing assistance would not be on you lease agreement.

You would find this information on the agreement you signed with the housing assistance office.

If this is a clause in your contract with the housing assistance office, you would lose your assistance if you made a decision to return to school.

You would be required to inform your case worker of your decision to return to college.

If you fail to inform your housing case worker of your decision to return to school,and you are found out, you could be required to return some or all the assistance you received.

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students are not eligible for housing assistance, if you got this housing based on your income history you probably won't be evicted when you go back to school unless you won't have the rent payment, or they do an audit and find that your income has decreased to make you ineligible(as a result of going to school and quitting the job)
ibu guru:
Yes, you can. But if you get into a community college program, or university degree program, you might qualify for financial aid. You could rent a room near campus, or get a room & board contract on campus.
Cathi K:
HUD housing is not meant for students. Students are poor by choice but for low income families and seniors. You need to ask them to be certain.
…could be denied what? You won't be evicted unless you violate your lease and refuse to move when asked. If you no longer qualify, then you will have to move but, again, you won't be evicted unless you force them to evict you for a lease violation or for not qualifying.
there are specific rules about student eligibility…one part has to do with age I think…they expect younger students to be supported by parents….so some students are still eligible..

even for younger students …some are eligible

Pascal the Gambler:
Yes, you would.

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