Can I really get rich by doing freelance work?

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Most of the "freelance" sites have a select little group (sometimes themselves only) who get all of the work. Other freelancers are listed so that they look bigger to companies looking for freelancers. If you develop your own clientele, you could make decent money, but it requires a lot of selling on your part and then producing the quality promised at a reasonable price for the customers. Eventually, your reputation will grow and if you become the best at what you do, you can charge big money.
It would depend on the freelance work and what you qualify as rich. A freelance web developer or artists certainly could.
all by yourself, not likely
you would have to work nearly 24 hrs a day 7 days a week alone to really make it big
Elaine M:
Not too likely. It's a hard way to make a living.
Perhaps, if you have adequate contacts supplying you with projects. If not, you may find less income than required.
DR + Mrs Bears face:
Depends how good you are.
if you are willing to work, YES.

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