Can I rebuild credit while having collection s still in my credit report?

Here is the deal, I have 5 collection s still in my account according to credit karma. Most of these has been years old, I got a secured cc and was wondering if my credit will still rebuild while having these collections?

Other answer:

Donald B:
Basically it will take 7 1/2 years before you can get that credit up high enough to do you much good so you might as well just use cash and avoid those interest charges that are not doing you any good
Dan B:
Credit rebuild probably won't happen until those collections drop off.
Smarter idea is to learn how to live on CASH only not credit score slavery.
In USA u can legally buy stuff with cash.
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Mah Jen Boo:
yes, it will go up some. but until you get those resolved or it drops off. your score will not go to high.

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