Can I rent an apartment in Detroit long term if I am a foreigner?

Hello, I am a fine artist from London and I am going to have a series of galleries in the state of Michigan next year. Can I rent an apartment long term? Are there specific requirments for my situation being a foreigner. Thank you!

Best Answer:

Raquel: You may rent any apartment you so desire and for as long as you want. Your being a foreigner has nothing to do with you being able to rent an apartment.

You would need to apply for a rental and be approved by the landlord or property manager. Whatever the requirements of the landlord or property management is you would be required to comply. You might be required to prove you are a legal alien in the Untied States and would be required to present a current passport and visa.

You would need to apply and be issued the necessary and correct immigration documents, such as a passport from the country in which you are a citizen and a visa issued by the United States.

I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck.


Other answer:

Without the correct visa you will not be living long term in the USA, so you need to sort that out first and that will be an issue as you seem to think you will be staying and working for 2 yrs and that is not going to happen
Do not come to the US border, until you have applied, from your home country,
for the" proper" visa, allowing you a temporary term of residency. You will be
required to show proof of your ability to support yourself during that term, without
the privilege of working or earning income from any US source.
Google extended stay motels hotels for actual places to live
Not unless you have a visa, which you will need to work in the US.

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